The Banker-King and Banker-Politician Criminal Conspiracy

The arrival of bankers turned the Kings’ lives upside down. Guess to the benefit of whom and to the detriment of whom?

The wallet of the king and the wallet of the country were a bit like those of the poor business owner and his business: hard to tell which is which, hard to tell how's the business if its owner draws from its funds as if they were his own personal funds. Just like the trashy business owner that ransacks into the wallet of his business when it comes to buy something personal, but then sinks with the ship when his business go bust after too much irresponsibly drawing from it, the king once availed himself at will from the money of the nation, but when it was time to go to war, it was the king who had to pay for it, personally. It was the king the first who had better not lose the war or else.

But one fine day the banker arrived, and he was quite happy to loan to the poor king in need. So the king begun building up his debt to the banker. And the banker was all the more happy to ensure the chances for the king to sink deeper into debts would keep on increasing. How? What is the most expensive task to embark upon – to the borrower, and the most profitable – to the lender? War. So to ensure kings would embark in wars the bankers specialized in fomenting them and loaning to both fronts.

And another fine day the king realized he could be smarter than that, that it would be more profitable to have the banker as a business partner rather than as a creditor. by conspiring and profiting together from dumping the burden of debt to someone else. Guess who.