Hunger Robbers for Robbery Wars

It’s worth looking a little further into stealing as a consequence of the increased host metabolism artificially induced by the parasite. One can detect the presence of a tapeworm by the concurrence of two symptoms: hunger and craving increase, while weight and health decrease, due to the hidden scrounger. One is led to gulp down more than one needs, while one’s shortfall is never appeased.
Incidentally, these symptoms are very much like those of an existential condition deprived of genuine values and stuffed with fake surrogates: a condition quite lileky to occur when suppression is allowed to infiltrate in society in the way we’re charting here.
But the point here is that under such a condition one is easily driven to steal from the plates of one’s neighbours…

In other words, indeed in Nuri’s words, wars are arguably and likely a symptom or consequence of money parasitism.
Besides, in the underlying and even more basic terms of the fundamental of what is called “The Third Party Law”, behind any conflict breaking out or never resolving between the two or more parties involved, the real cause is always a hidden third party actively fomenting it.

And since we’re on the subject of war, let’s credit Nuri also for pointing out that moneypulation is an act of war or high treason. Label it as you like, according to how you fancy considering moneypulators: either citizens of the state whose money they manipulate or foreign citizens with respect to it. It’s up to you to choose as you please for the very good reason they do not give a darn about nations, peoples, and their fellow human beings. Except in terms of their squeezing, crushing and demise. We can linger over the definitions of war, from that of ousting the enemy power to that of ultimate suppression, and we’re going to see how moneypulation fits whatever definition of war. As to the means, cutting the ground from under the enemy’s feet is a legitimate and well−proven war strategy, and moneypulation is exactly that.