Mammon, the Deity Money: the Cult, the Dogmas and the High Priests

The demonisation of money as the devil’s dung is commonplace. It has been said in endless ways: “Mammon, son of Satan, I unleash you unto this world.” “Mammon has no patience for his father's rule and yearns to forge his own kingdom of fire and blood.” Some ridicule those who personify evil and call it Satan, but it is worth investigating the manipulation of those who ridicule as much as or even more than the manipulation of those that are ridiculed. As far as we’re concerned, we already know there are evil intentions; what we’re interested in is to get somewhere, and to get somewhere what we’re interested in is how, exactly, this demonisation takes place.

So the news is that I think we can finally put our finger on what it is all about, exactly. It’s not money in itself, which as a medium of credit, payment and exchange is essential; it is its exploitation as a Trojan horse: it is moneypulation. After all, we do know things are targeted by suppressives, criminals, potential trouble sources and morons to the degree they are valuable, don’t we?

A first order of moneypulation is educating people into a money centric overall view of the world and of existence and to the cult of money, no matter how consciuos or unconscious, with all the resulting consequences in terms of third party action within the whole mankind.
Our money centric brainwashing may be difficult to see due to what has been called “the fish in the water problem”: it encompasses and shapes any and all aspects of our existences just like water does with fishes whom, having been born in water, educated in water, and having led their whole existences in water, take water for granted to such an extent that they can hardly even detect its presence or conceive its absence or of any alternatives to it.
As a matter of fact, economy is at the service of people; life is the end, money is the means. And when this is reversed and people becomes at the service of “economy”, and money becomes the end and life the means, the pushers of this idea act as a third party because an idea like this puts us all against each other, and at that point any crime against humanity, life, and the environment which supports us, becomes not only possible, but perfectly justified. And we’re all doomed.