Whether Everyone Has a Price or Not, Now Someone Has The Money

If one ponders what does buying someone mean, it turns out to be roughly synonymous of enslaving that someone or, in other more general terms, suppressing him or her, whether slowly of quickly. And you probably noticed how the ultimate goal of every arch−villain invented by artists is indeed global domination. Raving mad characters, so that it appears incredible… incredible as truth usually is.
What changed before and after the criminal conspiracy of moneypulators is not this goal, but just the means to achieve it: by deception instead of by violence, covertly instead of overtly. By the power of debt money and the infinite debt trap, plus the political power to enforce it, plus the ensuing control on the thoughts and lives of people to deceive them into accepting it as we’ll see afterwards.

Power tends to corrupt, as mentioned above. So gang wars are not news, be them in politics or in the streets: the lives of decent people may be strangled by gangs, due to both their oppression and their fights, so one may well decide this is hell.
Until a crime monopoly enters the scene. Because now and then part of the pressure of a gang against another gang may at least relieve part of the pressure of all the gangs against decent people. Until one fine day the crime pyramids merge into a single crime pyramid, and the corruption of power is unleashed absolutely.

And that’s where the quantitative factor comes to the fore. Some say that everyone has a price, and this is subject to the opinion of the observer and not only to the principles of the subject. But there’s another issue reaching far beyond the opinion, another question even more fundamental: could there ever be someone who has enough money to buy everyone?