Economics as a Religion: more Cult, Dogmas and High Priests

One thing is Mammon as a cult in the sense of money as the ultimate goal and to hell one’s fellows, another thing is Economics as a cult in the sense of worshipping economic theories as sacred dogmas, particularly the false ones; in both cases one is the successful product of a deeply vicious manipulation, but in the latter case, additionally, one is either plain dumb or playing dumb.

Those who brightly denounced how economics has been turned into a cult used the term “religion”, but while this is a great feat on their part, we better point out a distinction between religion and cult: a cult is but a religion whose original, positive spirit and fallout has been infiltrated by suppressives and potential trouble sources, and poisoned with arbitraries as one of their tactics, to the ensuing degradation and destructive degraded products. From help to betrayal, from cause to effect, from liberation to enslavement: been there, seen the movie, haven’t we?

Where we’re dealing with economics turned into a religion or, more to the point, a cult, we’re dealing with a rational and vital subject turned into a suppressive one by dint of arbitraries. I previously discussed in the Crimes Against Humanity: the Bill section what an arbitrary is, and how serious a matter it is; now I add that dogma is a synonym of arbitrary: a dogma is but an arbitrary in priestly vestments, and the latter are but a trick to empower it.

Economists and the alike thus can rise to the rank of a priesthood, a priesthood belonging to the technocratic species. And a technocratic priesthood has a precise role in the course of a totalitarian descent into hell: when the “elected” rulers have exhausted their credibility acting in the interest of their puppeteers, they can be replaced with “technical” rulers; these have the advantage of eliminating the annoyance of being answerable to the electorate, and of doing not what “the electorate” wants, but what the “technical Word” dictates; hence, when this replacement goes on stage, you can bet those same puppeteers have long since full control of that “technical Word”, too.