Conscience vs Obedience, Responsibility vs Authority: a Measure of the Humanoid Potential Trouble Source Horrors

It has been said that the truth shall make you free, meaning that any trap undoes the moment you see it for what it exactly is, and exactly includes precisely and completely; this means that any trap persists only as long as it contains falsities, and falsities include both hidden and sabotaged information. What is generally labelled “Propaganda” may be defined here as the systematic study and application of findings, that is, the science and technology, of producing our consensus by exploiting our faults. Propaganda is the finalized, systematic management of all our blunders, lapses, unawareness, irrationalities, vulnerabilities listed above and more through disinformation, misrepresentation of reality, and a whole arsenal of weapons, as much existing, precise and used as much they’re made invisible by those same faults of ours. And whether this management is usually done to the advantage or to the detriment of us all is easily imaginable, or rather directly observable. As a result of all these faults and our unwillingness to confront them, of all these backdoors wide open and systematically exploited, when the Pied Pipers of the mainstream media play lullabies we do follow them like hypnotized, arrogantly blind, mice. And thus, very dutifully respectful of the role of pawns we’ve been appointed to, we drown. And thus we, as much dutifully, drag to the bottom and drown our fellows and the rest of the world with us, too. It’s no joke, no pin point.