The Overall Picture, 4

Obviously enough, discussing all this so far in abstract terms is an introduction to prepare you to confront an actual, specific overall scene, so that you piece its puzzle together in an overall picture that allows you to see it for what it is, without any watering down. Tout se tient, everything is connected. And serves in fact a common purpose.
What makes facing this overall scene a bit challenging is the same reason why one would rather name it “the” overall scene, rather than just “an” overall scene: it is the answer to our initial question, “what the … is going on?” As such, it is a vast and descriptive answer, as it encompasses the basics of everything that is going on, and traces them back to the intention, the core, through the means, the philosopher’s stone.

So, we have the suppressive and his or her basic intention and goal: everyone else reduced and kept to lowest possible terms or, better still and thus whenever possible, dead. We have the ultimate tool, moneypulation, putting “all the gold in the world” into his or her hands. Given such premises, how is the suppressive going to use this tool to proceed? What is he or she going to do with it, in practice? If we apply a little logic from the suppressive's point of view, we can infer it in general terms easily enough.
General terms to be regarded more as component parts than as sequence steps, as that’s how they are effected more often: pursued at the same time in the same plans. However, I highlight them here as steps of a logical sequence for sake of clarity.