The Overall Picture, 1

You may ask, what do I need an overall picture for, in practice? I began to answer this question in the beginning, where I expounded what do you have to do with all this; now, after reviewing that part if you feel it’s unclear, I’d invite you to a brief journey starting from where you are and proceeding more and more backwards and upwards… behind your back. A recommendable journey anyway, an indispensable one in the presence of suppression.

You are at a certain time and place, and just as your eyes can see in front of you a circumscribed area within certain barriers, so your awareness can. Supposing you’re having or witnessing problems where you are, from your current unknowingly narrow viewpoint no information is available to enable you to do something effective about them. Kind of Chicken Run movie, just so we’re clear: whatever your degree of caring for the situation, the borders of the world for you are those of your chicken coop.

It’s not just that your viewpoint is narrow, and it’s not just that you’re not aware it is; the main point here is: there is someone else who has a viewpoint wider than yours and who is located behind your back. And if this in general would be a potential risk, in the presence of suppression it becomes an actual danger.

In the remake of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie there is a peculiar lift: when it moves up it doesn’t stop at the top floor, but it proceeds up in the sky and then moves wherever required to. And I assume you happened to see those special effects of extreme zoom in or out, from the microscope view of the smallest particle you can think of to the astronomical telescope view of planet Earth as an invisible speck in the universe, going through any and all intermediate zoom levels. So let’s get on that lift, let’s start to zoom out, let’s get out of our head and start to move backwards and upwards.