Crime Against Humanity: the War on Cash

I wrote this as an independent piece, therefore I begun it by stressing the facts one must know and confront as the requisites to understand what the war on cash really is, what its real why is, and why it is a crime against Humanity. These requisites are so important that it is apt to recapitulate them anyway, even though we now should be well aware of each of them. So:

I consider that you already know that the monetary sovereignty is the faculty to create money, that creating it means creating it in one’s own pocket, and that today, being it paper money or electronic money, it gets created in someone’s pocket at zero cost out of nothing.

I consider that you realise that the purchasing power of money buys what is produced by work, and that as a consequence the only legitimate owner of monetary sovereignty and of the money created is the citizen that produces what that money buys, and I consider that you realise that in history monetary sovereignty has been usurped from its legitimate owner, you, twice: the first from the rulers, and the second from the bankers.

I consider that you realise that, as a consequence of the creation of money out of nothing in his or her pockets, anyone that usurps monetary sovereignty from its legitimate owner, thanks to this inexhaustible source of purchasing power at zero cost, sooner or later will inevitably end up buying anything and anyone, and will reduce them to misery, slavery, and extinction.

With that said…

The instigators of the war on cash are the moneypulators and bankers. The purpose of the war on cash is perfecting, strengthening and increasing their usurpation of monetary sovereignty, and their ensuing exploitation – and rule – over us all.

The specific, technical reasons of the war on cash are of these three types: