Crime Against Humanity: Banking Reflux, Clearing House, Criminal Conspiracy

Once privy of what banking reflux and clearing house are, you notice how the second begins to operate even earlier than the first. However, I’d rather discuss them in their logical order after the steps discussed before, in the sequence of the cycle of existence of purchasing power out of nothing.

We usually say that nothing lasts forever, but there’s a glimmer of hope, after all: they say you can’t fool everyone forever, but apparently we have an exception. Some of those who concede bankers create money out of nothing claim that it ceases to exist as the borrower repays it. “Yep, I sneaked the cookie jar… but I put it back right away!” We’ve known for a long time the concept of justification, isn’t it? And we know that one of its tactics is lessening the misdeed. But beyond and in addition to sounding like a justification and thus warning us of its intrinsic alteration of truth, here a far louder screeching of clutching at straws can be heard.

So the banker would enact what mothers sometimes threaten when angry at their children: “I made you, I can crush you!” The banker first creates his scriptural money out of nothing the moment he loans it, and then as it is repaid to him he just deletes it back into nothingness. Ashes to ashes, who has given has given, who has had has had, let’s forget the past, right? Even if that were true, that wouldn’t change one iota the fact that the banker is an usurper of monetary sovereignty. In fact, he would be exercising it both in creating his money and in deleting it. And even if that were true, that wouldn’t delete the profits for the banker arising from creating and exploiting his money until he deletes it.