Crime Against Humanity: Forms of Seigniorage

What is that thing called “Seigniorage”, then? Just a tad of confusion due to many a definition of the term shouldn’t come as a surprise; but the real reason not to be surprised is another: this is quite a minefield. When a criminal conspiracy is at war against you, and that war is fought with the underhanded weapons of deception and fraud, a smokescreen over the core issue is the least you have to expect. To be precise, a double smokescreen designed to blur both the very existence and operation of the mechanism and the existence and identity of the profiteers profiting from it.

So why not to begin with some fun in reviewing some of these definitions? By the way, it’s fun because you know what it’s all about: namely, a criminal conspiracy at war against you; if you were not aware of that, it may get far less fun.

Seigniorage may be defined as the profit obtained by debasing a commodity money. The society uses a commodity money, one whose face value ought to equal its intrinsic value; someone like a seignior or a government mints it, and cheats on its weight exploiting the power to force people to accept money at face value while its intrinsic value has been debased, that is, is less than the face value it pretends to subsume. The seignior or government commits a thievery, by creating a purchasing power out of nothing tantamount to the difference between face and intrinsic value, and wringing it out of people. This of course generates inflation because once the debased commodity money has left the hands of the seignior or government, people exchanges it at its actual intrinsic value, not its fake face value.