Crime Against Humanity: Booms & Busts, the So-Called “Business Cycle”

All the previous moneypulation mechanisms are preparatory steps to pave the way for the ensuing crime against humanity called “business cycle”: booms and busts.
Some say it’s normal, some say it’s inevitable, and some even say, “serves you right!” Some of the latter say so out of personal difficulties, because they just can’t tolerate anyone being in too good conditions, while some others say so referring to such good conditions achieved by depletion of non−renewable resources or by exploitation of other people, other nations, other regions of the world.
But then there’s also the component of good conditions legitimately achieved by honest and sensible good work. Taking into account and taking care of all one has to in order to achieve sound, ethical, sustainable, stable and durable results is implicit in the definition of honest and sensible work; there is nothing in it to deserve a “serves you right” for.
Therefore there is no reason under the sun why what is achieved in this way ough to fail and crumble. Not even reason for ups and downs, being there no reason for the “downs”. No reason, except one.

A reason called PTS condition. As we’ve seen before, PTS stands for potential trouble source, and its definition is: someone subject to a suppression that can’t do anything about it for whatever reason, including not being aware of it or not considering possible doing something about it. The outcome of this condition is that the PTS can and does cause troubles to self and others due to this condition, relaying amplified through those troubles the suppression suffered instead of stopping it. Furthermore, the PTS can’t be relied upon until the situation is solved, because he or she is subject to ups and downs: his or her trustworthiness is assessed by others when “up”, then he or she experiences “downs”, causing the troubles when you least expect it and thus when they hurt more.