Monetary Sovereignty, the Ultimate Power

At this point I think we can draw some conclusions about monetary sovereignty.

First conclusion is, what is monetary sovereignty? What did a certain gentleman mean when he slipped out, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a Nation”, exactly? He meant issuing power: on one hand deciding how much money in existence, when and to whom, and on the other hand being the owner of its purchasing power the moment it gets born out of nothing anyway.

Second conclusion is, what does monetary sovereignty really mean? Monetary sovereignty, issuing power, is the ultimate power. And its ultimate outcome in oligo−monopolistic hands is, sooner or later owning and crushing everything and everyone. Any oligo−monopoly is suppressive, any oligo−monopoly of monetary sovereignty is the ultimate monopoly.

Third conclusion is, what can be explained in view of what monetary sovereignty really is and means? Two issues. One is, how come monetary sovereignty is mysteriously overlooked as the power number zero at the basis of the “first” three powers, legislative, executive and judiciary? The other is, why are the creation of purchasing power out of thin air and its appropriation disguised under such complicated laws, regulations, processes? Why overlooking and concealing? Two rather rethorical questions, nonetheless definitely worth explicit answers.

Every minister of a cult being just plain dumb or playing dumb works constantly to maximise the distance, be it in the form of mistery, authority, violence or whatever, between the supposed deity and the herd of its worshippers, and to maximise their subjection and subservience, so as to dupe and exploit them as much as possible, for as long as possible. Whether in religion, economics, politics, philosophy or whatever, this is High Treason anyhow, and as such it should never take us by surprise…