Crime Against Humanity: Debt Money

We know what an infinite debt trap is. The type of money designed to create an infinite debt trap is often called “debt money”. It is called debt money because for its mere existence someone – the citizen – owes its face value plus interest to someone else – the banker. This is a different facet from seigniorage, if strictly connected to it.

To this point, seigniorage could be conceived as merely profiting the difference between money’s face value and its production cost−intrinsic value, the moment money gets born, and that would be all. This would mean printing money, giving it in exchange for products, and that’s it; that would be the one−off theft of the purchased goods in exchange for nothing.

But the thieves of seigniorage do not make do with one off robbery, oh no. They want more… some say they want the whole world… plus interest. So the moment the money is put into circulation it is loaned against collateral and interest. Not only the loan shark steals the initial seigniorage, but starts a faster and full−fledged infinite debt trap; not only the borrower has been stolen its face value in exchange for nothing, but for that nothing the borrower will have to repay endless interests with more of that money whose sole and fraudulent source is the loan shark.

The individual or legal entity issuing debt money commits a multiplied crime against humanity, because debt money multiplies the speed with which such individual or entity will seize everyone and everything – and crush them, being such an aim and strategy intrinsically and inevitably suppressive regardless of intentions behind it. Moreover, far as intentions are concerned, hardly in the real world any sanity will ever be found in any goal of world domination. So the “original sin” does exist, but it’s not people who have it: it’s debt money.