Example Island: Keep It Simple

And, by the way, don’t feel annoyed if what you discover looks simple, simpler than what you would expect. It is simple. And this is very important, because complexity and confusion are often used to conceal and deceive. On the contrary, all real answers are basically simple, and their simplicity makes it all clear, enabling to detect and open the doors to the solutions previously concealed by confusion.

When someone says you’re making it too simple, bear in mind there is an intention called suppression and bring into question that someone before your simple thing.

Moreover, whenever you study something complex and/or confused, you always proceed by breaking the whole into smaller and simpler parts, clarifying each one thoroughly, and reassembling those clarified. And by practicing thoroughly with a smaller and simple example of something, before tackling the real thing.

That’s why I will use Example Island: suppose there is a small island with a few individuals, and proceed from that on to observe the effects on them of the mechanisms described here. Then transpose it all in the real world, and apply those formulas to the actual figures out there.