Things do not just happen, and intention is cause, it has been said. If things happen, it’s because there are individuals having the intention that they do happen – and that’s the core we now aim straight at.

It has been said as well that if we were dealing with the mere law of the averages or mere incompetence, statistically half of the mistakes should be in our favour. Indeed, both direction and speed of motion of something are the direct result of the composition of forces applied to it; as the result of the composition of forces produced by randomness and ineptitude is statistically zero, if all forces applied to society were either good intentioned or random or inept, therefore – in the absence of evil intentioned forces – things couldn’t help going well. More or less well, but well anyhow. So, by a law as stringent as the laws of physics, the hard fact that things worsen demonstrates the existence of evil intentioned forces applied to society, and the speed of deterioration reveals the balance between good intentioned and evil intentioned forces applied – again, the latter is the core we now aim straight at.

That core is a type of individual and his or her basic intention. It has been labelled with either one of these terms: suppressive, antisocial, Luciferian, sociopath or sociopathic, conscienceless, remorseless, ruthless, toxic personality, narcissist, manipulator, or the state as psychopathy, guiltlessness, manie sans délire, psychopathic inferiority, moral insanity, moral imbecility – restricting our scope to just relatively recent times, as it seems the issue has been always detected one way or another throughout history.