The Suppressive and the Potential Trouble Source

There is a specific condition called Potential Trouble Source. It is defined as one who is subject to a suppression and who can't do anything about it to fight back. (By use of the initials, an individual under such a condition is also referred to as PTS, and the condition as PTSness.) There can be many a reason why one can't do anything about it, but chief amongst them is that one is not aware of being suppressed – one does not detect suppression for what it is: suppression; or one considers one can’t do anything about it – that consideration prevents any attempt and thus any possible success: apathy. To that degree, one is a potential trouble source: one is liable to make mistakes, to cause troubles, maybe convinced to be doing the right thing or the only possible thing.

This condition is one of the factors with the highest importance along our path; why? Because there is no limit to the damage the potential trouble sources can cause. Serious, huge, make−or−break troubles. Examples? Fanatics, child soldiers, taxpayers, victims, the unhealthy, you get the idea. But this is just to begin with… in fact:

A very important observation is that the one on the stage, causing the commotion, actually carrying out the destruction, is the potential trouble source – not just potential any more now, actually. The real suppressive is the one hidden in the backstage, only apparently doing nothing. The conspicuous puppet and the invisible puppet master.

Another very important observation is that the real suppressives are a minority, and the suppressive has no actual force of his or her own; all of his or her force is that of those he or she can turn into potential trouble sources. That’s why in my view being a potential trouble source is even far more a serious matter than being suppressive: if it wasn’t for the potential trouble source, the suppressive would be harmless. Like a scorpion skewered and sealed into a shadow−box by our awareness.