“Winning” and “Losing”, the Feud by Contagion of Human Misery

In the vile quicksand of dog−eat−dog blindness underneath our alertness, you either eat or get eaten: when you eat you win, when you’re eaten you lose. So when one’s hold on self loosens, there are only two types of “personality”: the winner and the loser, or, more precisely, the oppressor and the victim. And beyond the twilight of self the only way to escape being a victim is being an oppressor.

Once known and clear what it’s all about, lots of facets of the “winning” and “losing” personality behaviours become detectable and analyzable, as much as their consequences. And as much as their cause. Salesmen let “accidentally” fall their pen in front of the potential buyer: which one of the two personalities do you think is going to impulsively bend over to pick it up for them? If there is a broken cookie in the jar, who is going to pick it up and who is going to disdain it? The same impulse of helpfulness and settling that makes life possible, underneath our alertness becomes a vulnerability. The "winning" personality passes by and dirties as his or her divine right; the "losing" personality passes by and cleans the dirt left behind by the "winning" as a legal obligation: which one is the socially valuable, anyhow? In mechanics, between metal and metal it takes rubber: between two metallic parts a rubber gasket is inserted, and once it has guaranteed the sealing, dampened vibrations, prevented breakdowns, trouble and accidents, and even avoided wear and damages to those very metallic parts, while standing high temperatures and pressures – and all this thanks to the fact of being made of not only robust, but also resistant, and above all flexible, material – as only gratitude it gets thrown in the rubbish.

But that the “winning” personality is the trouble maker and the “losing” personality is the problem solver it’s entirely immaterial; before others, the key point and difference are, who is compelled to apologize to whom for his or her own very existence? On whose shoulders the burden of being in the wrong regardless weighs as an original sin?