Our Highest Duties and Skills

Artists usually see further, and you may have noticed a recurring element in what they see: the common denominator of the possible futures they envision is, they are dystopian. Dystopia is defined as the opposite of utopia: whereas utopia is a dream – the ultimate positive state of things –, dystopia is a nightmare – the ultimate negative state of things –. Ever wonder why? Sensing something’s wrong is commonplace; sensing that what’s wrong is a gap, that something quite basic is missing, is less obvious. Artists sense that something lacks which can make or break us all.

It has been said that, of all our duties and skills, differentiating and detecting the social and the antisocial personalities, and holding the social safe from undue restrain while restraining the antisocial from suppressing, ranks the highest since failing that civilisation won't be here any more to support anything at all. The dystopian future envisioned by predictive artists, and our fast heading for just that, are the hard evidence. This then is our basic make or break point, and our ensuing first duty as individuals is paying the price of freedom and being constantly alert about just that, and being constantly willing to fight back and eradicate it. If the potential trouble source is the key factor in conveying suppression, then part of this basic point and duty is paying the price of freedom about that too, and being constantly alert about anyone, and ourselves in the first place, becoming or being a potential trouble source, of whatever “winning”, “losing” or any other kind, and being constantly willing to fight back, pull that individual out of that condition and eradicate it.