Economy versus Finance

The key point here is the confusion between Finance and Economy. They are not the same thing, at all. Maybe some unusually basic observation will help to better detect the difference:

We may broadly define Economy as “how do we stay alive?” Everything related to handling any factor influencing our endeavour to live is “Economy”.

Some time ago a subject was taught by the name of “home economics”: it did not merely teach to make the numbers work, oh no; on the contrary, it taught to take care of home as a whole. And both these words that give this subject its name are fundamental, because that is the first step to take care of the world.
This snubbed and neglected subject corresponds actually to the very etymology of the word economy, and the etymology of a word are its roots, the origin and the history of its profound significance.

On the other hand, we may define Finance in two entirely distinct ways:

In a narrower, “innocent” sense, Finance may be said to be “the handling of the finances of an organization”, or “the logistics of the financial resources”: providing the needed financial resources where needed and when needed. Notice that here I use the term financial resources rather than money; as you will gradually get to know what those financial resources are all about, even this definition will appear less and less “innocent”.

In a broader, “not−so−innocent” sense more to the point here, Finance may be said to be “making money by sheer gambling with money”, or less sanctimoniously “stealing purchasing power by conjuring tricks with money”. Even more broadly and precisely: “robbing, enslaving, murdering and exterminating by conjuring tricks with every conceivable form of money, deeds and IOUs”.