To You

To you, who after all just wanted everyone alert, keen, aware, wise, fair, honest, willing, unflinching, safe, free and happy, united and helping one another…
instead of betraying or being betrayed. For a change.

To you, who had to set aside for another day your unique and invaluable contributions to love, communion and aesthetics as the reasons for existence, and to making life fair and decent, as well as your investigation into the ultimate truth…
because you had to handle something jeopardizing it all.

To you, whose name is or ought to be in the heartily recommended readings, here or elsewhere, and to you doing your bit or willing to do it…
so you all know your sparkle is not alone and the deep end of the trap has been mapped.

To you who gave up, lied low, and burned bridges, regardless of with whom or with what, so you realise that thus you are part of the problem, and decide you can be part of the solution.

To you, who after all just wanted to be of help…
But this time for real.

To you. Personally.

Between ourselves, sharing between you and me the most important things may well be the core of existence. At least for some of us.

Moreover, life and the good are everyone and everything in the best possible conditions for as long as possible, and their sine qua non is that each one of us picks up and passes the baton successfully, and in order of importance. Because that we either preserve the point we reached and progress from there, or we lose it and regress to hell, depends completely and without alternatives on that.


To you, 2

Of all the things I’d have to share with you, this may or may not be the most important overall, but I consider it the most crucial given the circumstances and with reference to them, and that’s why we’re here now, you and me and this. Should ever life, due in whole or in part to the fallout of what I sketch here, end up being too short to communicate to you all I wish, and I had to select only the most important and throw everything else into oblivion, well, here it is.

There are things for you to know here, so please don't think you already know. Devil is in the details, they say, so don't think you know until you get those details at your fingertips. If you look at them through the veil of your current certainties you won't do a fingertip search, and you will remain falsely convinced that you know instead. So you won't make any progress.

Tell me what you don’t understand, I’ll tell you want you don’t know; tell me what you don’t know, I’ll tell you what traps you fall into.

In my view, in our languages there is a misleading misunderstanding: that “I don’t understand” means “I’m the one that doesn’t get it”. That is, “the problem is me: I have my limits”.

That it depends on you it’s true, but not in that sense; clearing up this misunderstanding helps you to realise that, quite to the contrary, you do not have limits, and you can decide to be the solution:

To understand means to know; “I don’t understand” means “I don’t know”.

If it doesn’t add up, you’re missing something. Simple as that.

In order to understand, one has to know; in order to know, one has to search, then discover, then verify, then learn, then confront.

Let this information in your hands be a starting point rather than an arrival point.

Never be the same again, and nobody ever be neither torturer nor victim again.