Crime Against Humanity: “National”, “Federal”, “Central” Banking, 6

But they know we are prone to judge the book by its cover, and to take all too much for granted that the label is truthful as to what’s in the package; so even if the nonsense begins to stink right under the surface, this is no hindrance to them because we make do with the surface without digging underneath it.

As a result dawns the central bank age. A make−believe where as usual the lack of information appears temporary and accidental while on the contrary it is carefully planned and permanent. Central banks are private corporations purposely disguised as public institutions; that’s why they’re called “National”, “Federal”, “Central” or whatever adjective better suits this purpose in the inattentive and confident public’s eye. Their shares are privately owned, and even where owned by public bodies, they yield their gains to their owners, and those gains come from a fraud. Why do central banks exist in the first place? Why in the world a nation must borrow at face value the paper it should issue itself at production cost? Who owns the central banks? And, regardless of who owns them, who pockets their gains? Because they do make profits, you bet!

Since we’re here to call things with their name, it would be an euphemism to call this yield a “profit” without qualifying it further: the unpalatable truth is that what we are analysing here is a transfer of purchasing power, stolen and drained from the society, and transferred into the pockets of those who control the central bank. And all this – not only this, actually, but all the ensuing “tools” and “evolutions” as well – are nothing but parasitic extortion. There’s no reason for all this to exist. No reason but criminal conspiracy.

Crime Against Humanity: “National”, “Federal”, “Central” Banking