Crime Against Humanity: “National”, “Federal”, “Central” Banking, 3

Such Federal takeover in the middle of such pressure may be regarded with suspicion, particularly in view of the ensuing outcome: while the lesser, wildcat banks were taking it too far, the bigger, well placed ones were busy infiltrating the institutions, and the troubles and unrest caused by the lesser provided the ideal pretext to the bigger lobbying for consolidation towards the end goal of the first stage of issuing power oligo−monopoly: central banking. The usual strategy later labelled as strategy of tension, shock doctrine, and the like: foment “disorder” to pave the way for your “order” as a rescue; straight by the book. And indeed in such a black book of propaganda dirty tricks there is one who reads: blame your own crimes on your enemy. That was the case with wildcat banking. Be it in full or fractional, with real value or not, that is, honestly or criminally, that the individual bank is the sole body responsible for backing its own banknotes is called “free banking”; well free banking, as opposed to central banking, was blamed for wildcat banking, instead of blaming the real source of it, its very opposite: whatever the kind of bank perpetrating it, allowing criminal banking consisting in creating and appropriating purchasing power out of thin air by issuing banknotes falsely backed by an illusory unlimited source of real value and actually backed by nothing.

But every cloud has a silver lining… at least for wildcat bankers and lesser banks, though not for us indeed. Surrendering to such process of criminal consolidation towards central banking, and entering a bigger and more monopolistic cartel, does not mean for them being just doomed. After all, at any given moment during a criminal consolidation process, lesser criminals have a given “market share” they can use to get in the way of bigger criminals, so these have better pass a commensurate slice of loot to them. And particularly when keeping the fuss to a minimum is in the interest of them all as in this case, you see… And more than ever in this case – the consolidation of banking cartel through “central” banking – the common interest for all criminals involved is huge, hidden and shared.

Crime Against Humanity: “National”, “Federal”, “Central” Banking